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Presented by Paul Cartmill and Kieran Hoare

Paul Cartmill of Thesan Asset Management will share his insights in a live interview with Merthyr Law’s Kieran Hoare into the macroeconomic issues facing both Australia and the international economy as we face a future of higher interest rates and deglobalisation.

Topic: Investment Trends in the New World Order

I’m excited to announce the first of a series of guest interviews on Dealing with the New World Order: The Days of Easy Money are Over.

Fixed income and risk specialist Paul Cartmill CFA from Thesan Management will be joining me at 11 am on 26 October. I’ll be getting Paul’s insights into the macro issues facing the world in our environment of high inflation, deglobalisation and heightened fear.

Paul will also be sharing his insights of how to invest in this new world including:

  • What is the new world order for the international economy?
  • What does this fed tightening cycle mean?
  • Are we heading into recession, stagflation or a soft landing?
  • Where does this new world leave Australia?
  • Does the RBA have to follow the Fed?
  • What does that mean for the Australian economy overall?
  • Where does the new world leave Australian investors?
  • Should my investment strategy and style change? Value v Growth
  • Should my asset allocation change? Short term vs long-term and Cash position
  • Q&A

By attending this webinar, hopefully you can be better armed to find your way in this new world order.

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Kieran Hoare
Kieran Hoare

ILP Director

Super Man

More about the Presenter

Kieran, an SMSF Specialist Advisor™, thrives on finding fresh solutions and giving clients and their advisors clarity, including

  • Giving clients who have implemented their Family SafeTM  peace of mind knowing that their estate plan protects their inheritance for their family and deals with their superannuation clearly and tax effectively;
  • Dealing with complicated family dynamics  and the sense of relief people feel when a solution is found to a problem that has been vexing them for years;
  • Giving cutting edge strategies of transferring commercial property into super, saving thousands in interest and bank fees;
  • Helping clients navigate the complicated superannuation compliance for their maximum advantage;
  • dealing with death benefit disputes, member disputes and disputes with the ATO;
  • superannuation splitting strategies;
  • protecting inheritances from family provision claims;
  • protecting against elder abuse;
  • saving on death benefits tax; and
  • asset protection .
Paul Cartmill
Paul Cartmill

Thesan Asset Management


Paul is a CFA Chaterholder and lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in financial markets. He spent 15 years in financial services in New York and was a Director Merrill Lynch on the fixed income trading desk before becoming an Executive Director of fixed income trading at Morgan Stanley. Paul returned to Australia and formed Thesan Asset Management to administer the Thesan Income Fund, a fixed income fund aimed at providing a reliable income flow to members together with stability of capital. Paul holds an LLB (hons), a Bachelor or Economics (Hons) and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment.

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