Tom WalrutThe Tax Man | Senior Associate


Tom has a deep understanding of all things tax (State and Federal) to efficiently and cost effectively assist you in all things tax related. Some might even say his understanding is professor-ish.

Whilst developing his passion for tax, Tom also gained experience in commercial and property transactions, mergers and acquisition and corporate legal services.  This provides him with a unique insight when advising on tax matters as well as implementing tax structures and effecting any advice he provides. He’s your one stop shop for all things tax.

Tom likes to get to know you and your business so that your business and industry specific needs are at the forefront of all advice, structuring options and dealings with the tax office. He is a firm believer in first understanding your goals and needs and only from there developing strategies and advice to meet those objectives.

In his spare time, Tom likes all things craft beer. Finding it, making it, talking about it and sometimes even drinking it.

Ask Tom for a picture of his office.

Practice Areas

Taxation Law
Estate Succession Planning
Business Structures and Commercial

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