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Lauren Kettleton

About Lauren

Whether you are caught in a rip or a legal bind, Lauren has the skills to help you in any situation.

She navigates clients through complex regulations and tricky legal conundrums with the same dexterity she steers the IRBs through rough surf. Her attention to detail, organisation and friendly demeanour means she is the one you want on your team to help achieve your commercial outcomes.

After starting with Merthyr Law as a first year university student in 2012, Lauren is proficient in:

  • business, property and share sales and acquisitions;
  • finance, loan and security documentation;
  • business and personal succession planning;
  • governance agreements and advice;
  • regulatory advice including anti-money laundering compliance and financial services compliance.


Ask Lauren about cricket – not sure you will like the answer

Client and Referrer Testimonials for Lauren

— Charles Caris
"I’d just like to thank Steve and Lauren for looking after mum and the family so thoughtfully over the past few weeks. Mum commented how polite and helpful you both were."
— Rod Lennox
"I would like to thank Lauren and the Team for their quick turnaround, availability and responsiveness. I’d also like to thank you for responding on a weekend. I’d be happy to use your firm again and recommend the same."
— Matt Minton
"Many thanks for sorting this out for me so quickly again! You guys are awesome, please thank Lauren for me too."