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Family Law


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Insurance against future costs, litigation and uncertainty

Resolution of matters relating to relationship breakdown

Seeking advice in relation to family law issues is usually accompanied by a reasonable level of stress and uncertainty.  At Merthyr Law we work to educate you about the legal system as it applies to family law issues, informing you of your obligations and helping you to understand the options, processes  and the difficulties, in a caring and practical manner.

Being proactive in dealing with current or future family law issues results in far better outcomes than being reactive.  The value of having agreements in place (especially financial agreements) should never be underestimated.  They are good insurance against future costs, litigation and uncertainty.

As with estate planning, having documented agreements and structures in place to deal with family law issues if they arise means they can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

When relationship breakdown does occur, most parties want to achieve an amicable and fair outcome for all involved.  Negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution mechanisms can assist parties to reach agreements regarding care of children and division of property. This is where Merthyr Law can assist.  It is our aim that agreements be reached without the intervention of a court.

Merthyr Law can assist clients with the following Family Law issues:


Superannuation is an asset that is included in the asset pool for division between parties in the event of relationship breakdown.  It is usual for the superannuation of one party, if it is of significant value, and a major asset in the matrimonial pool, to be ordered to be divided between the parties.  The Family Law Act provides for a “Superannuation Split” which is included in either a court order or in a Financial Agreement.

Merthyr Law can assist with advice and can prepare binding agreements and/or ensure the preparation of appropriate consent orders to effect a Superannuation Split.


Complex business structures, assets held in companies or trusts and business arrangements involving third parties require careful consideration when valuing the matrimonial asset pool and assessing the property division options available to the parties.

Merthyr Law is able to offer a range of carefully prepared structures designed to protect you and your assets before, during and after a marriage or relationship.

Estate Planning

There are certain circumstances that revoke a Will and others where it is strongly recommended that you review your Will.  For example, upon divorce, your divorced spouse is not entitled to any gifts under your Will.  If however you are separated, but not yet divorced, this does not automatically apply and your Will should be reviewed as soon as possible.

Merthyr Law specialises in Wills and Estate Planning and can assist you with reviewing your situation to ensure your wishes are fulfilled, assets are protected and that you have flexibility, taxation benefits and peace of mind.

We can help with current or future family law issues or estate planning matters.

Please contact our Accredited Family Law Specialist, Peter Pavusa on (07) 3252 5044 to discuss, or email